Tucho Fernández Calo

Personal information

Tucho Fernández Calo
Porto do Son, A Coruña, Spain
E-mail: tucho at
Date of birth: 21th June 1981


Games worked on:

As freelancer:

As employee:
Personal projects:
  • Glest (freeware RTS game, PC).

Artistic and technical skills
Highly detailed realtime prop and character creation, using several software to model, texture and generate normals, mainly: 3ds max, Zbrush, Topogun, Photoshop and Xnormal.
I Also have experience working with several game engines: Unreal engine3, Diesel engine, Torque, Nebula and Glest engine.

Professional experience

/2012 Work as freelance prop and character artist for several companies (Barcelona)

2009/2010 Prop creation for Motion Sports, a project from Ubisoft (Barcelona)

Prop creation for an unannounced AAA project and two XboxLive projects
from Grin (Barcelona).

2008 Worked as freelance character artist for the game Exiled Heroes from Nerlaska studios (Castellón).
2007/2008 Prop creation for "Wanted", a project from Grin (Barcelona).
2007 Awarded 10th place in the 2007 Dominance War international character creation challenge.
2005/2007 Environment and character creation for "Scourge", a project from Tragnarion Studios (Palma de Mallorca).
2004/2005 Background and concept art creation for the film “Bieito Dubidoso” from Deboura Cultural (Vigo).
2003/2005 Creation of the whole graphic content in Glest, the free real-time strategy game, that won the 1st prize at Art Futura 2004 (Barcelona) and Mundos Digitales 2005 (A Coruña). This project was released by several game magazines like Bravo Screenfun (250.000 copies) and has more than 1.300.000 downloads from the official site.
2002 Illustrations for the book "O Reino de Galicia" and "O memorial do infortunio" published by A Nosa Terra (Vigo).
2002 Illustrations for the "e-negociogalicia" magazine published by the Centro de Competencias en Comercio Electrónico (Santiago).
2002 While on the illustration course, worked as intern at the CESGA (Supercomputing Center of Galicia) in Santiago.


2002/2003 3ds max course
PC Carrier school (Santiago).
2000/2002 Formative cycle of top degree in illustration
Pablo Picasso Art School (A Coruña).
1997/1999 Secondary Education
I.E.S. Fraga de Novio (Porto do Son, A Coruña).